Plant-Based Mac and Cheese

Hey everyone, I’ve got an updated vegan mac and cheese recipe for ya! This recipe is based on Niomi Smart’s, from her book, ‘Eat Smart.’ It’s sooo delicious, creamy and filling. The cashews and nutritional yeast (worst word – sorry) really add a cheesy oomph! Continue reading


The ultimate Sunday evening chill

One of the only +’s to my small, overpriced one bedroom flat in London is it’s cosy little bathroom which actually has A BATH IN IT. I usually only have cost-effective, water-bill friendly showers but every couple of weeks I treat myself to a long ol’ soak in a deep bubble bath *…cue the special occasion bath time products…* Continue reading

Spicy Sweet Potato Fritters with Poachies

Hey everyone,

I’m back with a mini foodie series over the next few weeks with *VIDEO TUTORIALS* (!!!!yes!!!) to accompany each post. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog via email and also over on my YouTube channel. I really hope the  series can help you out or give you some inspo you with lots of quick, cheap and healthy recipes. My YouTube skills are a lil rusty but i’ve been spending a lot of time researching so hopefully they will get better and better! I’ve got a lot of the videos and posts prepped but of course if there is anything in particular you’d like to see a tutorial of (Maybe a recipe i’ve posted here on my blog before) then let me know! Continue reading