2017 | New Years Resolutions

I’ve always found it difficult to set myself goals for the new year, I’ve always gone with the clichés; eat less chocolate, exercise more and so on. Following 2016 not getting off to the best start, for 2017, I want to set myself a few realistic goals in order to improve my health, wellbeing and knowledge…

  • The plant-based diet

I’ve been pescetarian for over two years and gave up cows milk a year ago also. I stopped eating meat after beef giving me indigestion and learning more about the meat industry and it’s effects on the environment. I continued to eat fish such as salmon and tuna so long as it was responsibly sourced. I stopped drinking cows milk after a series of breakouts which led me to do some research into the correlation between dairy products and acne. In an attempt to transition to a plant-based diet, I also gave up eggs and yoghurt 3 months ago. My weaknesses have been chocolate, butter and cheese. I’ve become really interested in the effects of a plant-based diet and nourishing your body from the inside out, fueling my transition. As well as this, i’ve learnt a lot from documentaries about ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Forks over Knives’ in relation to the effects of the meat and dairy industry on the environment.

  • Fitness

It’s fair to say that over the Christmas break, all gym routines went out the window. In fact exercise in general went out the window. During 2017, I want to make use of the gym at uni a lot more than I have been. At my uni, the first year’s are lucky enough to have free use of the gym, a huge advantage seeing as a normal uni gym membership for the year comes with a £100+ price tag. I want to improve my fitness and strength through cardio and weight training as well as making use of classes such as Yoga or Pilates. I not only want to gain physically out of exercising, I also want to gain mentally, using the gym as an opportunity to burn off any stress and anxiety. I’d also like to take my exercise outside and explore more the beautiful parks London has to offer.

  • Read more books, ask more questions

With aspirations of a career in writing, reading is technically a no-brainer, however it’s something I just don’t do enough of. I often find myself scrolling through my iPhone for an hour before bed when really I should be winding down, ideally with some reading. I want to read a variety of texts; fictions, non-fictions, magazines, auto-biographies to name a few. I feel i’m submerged in the digital world for 99% of the day and whilst that’s not all bad, I still think a great deal of inspiration comes from texts such as books. I want to learn about things that make me question myself and behaviour in society.

  • Making the most of my city

Finally, I feel that I am so unbelievably lucky to be living in Central London whilst studying at university that I want to explore it more than ever this year. I want to use Sunday’s as a day to explore, a day to go out for coffee, a day to go somewhere and see something new. The best thing about the hidden quirks of London that I love to find, is that they cost no more than the £1.50 bus journey.
Thanks for reading,

A x


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