Digital Detox Day in the City

Digital detox’s are great for those days where you just need a day to yourself! If you’ve have a shitty week or someone or something has simply pissed you off, sometimes it’s best to just log out of social media and log out of your everyday routine…

We’re all human, we all annoy each other, however my digital detox day stemmed from a build up of things which annoyed me to the point where I just decided to not touch my phone for the day, so I was totally alone.

I feel like it’s so easy to get swept up and saturated in other people’s lives, especially with social media being so prominent in our everyday routine now. I got myself into the habit of checking Instagram and Facebook every five minutes; as soon as I wake up and just before I go to sleep and I’ve decided that doing that is not good for me.

Besides social media, in my personal life I’ve been feeling like I’m always waiting for someone or something which makes me feel like i’m not a priority. It’s annoying when you put your all into everything you do and people don’t do the same.

My best friend reminded me that I am the type of person who likes to please people 24/7, sometimes at the risk of not considering how that may end up making me feel. So, when people don’t do the same to me, I feel slightly disrespected and plain annoyed.

Realising people don’t always treat you the way you treat them is a huge life lesson to us all.

So I decided that I was over waiting for people and tired of people cancelling on me and took myself off to St James’ Park. The park is outside Buckingham Palace and is right near to the Houses of Parliament, and it’s one of my fav places. I woke up, made myself a picnic and packed it in my backpack alongside my book, my camera, magazines and my planner which needed updating.

I walked from my flat to the park which took around 25 minutes and soaked up the sun for a few hours. It was great having nobody ruin my day and having my phone on aeroplane mode in my bag (In case of an emergency lol) the whole time!

Short post but it had to be done; switch off, log out, and take some time for yourself huN!

Thanks for reading,


A x



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